4 Healthy Habits You’re Probably Doing Wrong

You’ve probably read a lot of things about the best ways to stay healthy.  Drink plenty of water, get plenty of sleep, eat right and exercise.  All of those are healthy, but there may be some healthy things you just aren’t getting right.  Here’s a list of healthy habits that most people are doing wrong. […]

Why This Sleep Condition Isn’t Such A “Man’s Disease” After All

Many years ago, heart disease was considered a “man’s disease.” Since then, well-meaninged and largely successful public education campaigns improved cardiac illness awareness among women– as well as its profound effect on their health. Likewise, one of the most frequently-known sleep disorders, called obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), isn’t just a “man’s disease” like you’ve always […]

Weird Things to Know About Your Eyes

The body is fascinating. It is made up of tons of complex systems that work perfectly together to maintain homeostasis and health, and fix problems when they arise. If we do our part (eat healthy, exercise, sleep enough, manage stress), we can help the body function even better. One of the most complex and interesting […]

4 Clear Signs That You Need to Eat Healthier

Our bodies are amazingly complex and intricate. When something is wrong, or when we are not in homeostasis (i.e. lacking balance), the body has tons of compensatory mechanisms in place to restore us to good health. However, there does come a time when the body tries to communicate that we need to make healthier food […]

Increase Personal Satisfaction With These 6 Wellness Tips

Wellness involves not only attention to physical health, but also mental health. Mental wellbeing hinges on personal satisfaction and contentment – something many people struggle with. But being satisfied and enjoying life doesn’t necessarily have to mean everything is perfect. It just means you are equipped with the tools and resources to deal with everything […]

Energizing Secrets to Embrace Today

No matter who you are, you probably have moments in life when your energy levels get pretty low. This can make it tough for you to get things done, including work, exercise, and tasks at home. Not to mention, when you are lacking in energy, you are probably lacking in motivation as well. Here are […]