Stress-Shopping Has Become an Epidemic

It is no secret that stress runs rampant both in the United States and on a global scale. Work stress, relationship struggles, financial difficulty… these are just a few of the common stress-inducing culprits. But when stress rears its ugly head, what do you do to deal? Apparently, if you are like 91 percent of […]

Chiropractic Care: A Family Affair

Chiropractic care is rooted in the idea that spinal health affects every facet of healthy functioning. This idea allows chiropractic to impact a variety of populations and age groups, just like the following mother/son example. Mom Renee was experiencing back pain – something more than 80 percent of people deal with at some point in […]

The Importance of Immediate Post-Accident Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is a unique option for the treatment of pain or body ailments for several reasons. First of all, it is non-invasive, meaning every adjustment is performed using methods outside the body, and no surgical intervention is involved. Second, chiropractic does not incorporate the use of drugs or medications. Treatment of pain involves realignment of […]

The Joint-Revitalizing the Field of Chiropractic Care

The Joint …the chiropractic place has grown from 12 locations in 2010 to over 180 nationwide. There are now 11 Joint locations and 22 franchised locations sold in Colorado. It is only a matter of time before The Joint’s affordable and practical model reaches a greater percent of Americans receiving chiropractic care. Check our article […]

A Trip to the Chiropractor: What to Expect

Many people unfamiliar with chiropractic care have misguided information and preconceived notions about what really goes on during a visit. In an effort to set the record straight, and provide both our current and future clients with a clear vision of what we do, we have compiled a list of what to expect when you […]

Chiropractic Research and the Ethical Relevance

Many chiropractic care providers will reiterate that their number one priority is the patient and his or her best interest – always and in all ways. Individualized treatment techniques and relevant practice methods are at the forefront of what chiropractors do. Through the extensive hands on experience, most chiropractors have successfully treated a variety of […]

Chiropractic For Text Neck

Have you heard of this new affliction known as Text Neck?  Well even if you haven’t, your chiropractor most likely has.  With the massive influx of smart phones and texting, it is no wonder why more and more people are visiting their physician or chiropractor to alleviate the symptoms of neck pain.   Although smart phones […]

Exercise Tips For Senior Citizens

  Exercise is a great way to keep healthy and age gracefully.  However, as we age, it can become much more difficult to motivate ourselves to get outside or hit the gym.  Whether you’re a senior citizen or not, these exercise tips are great for anyone who is just starting out on their path to […]

Breakfast Foods to Keep You Energized

We’ve all heard that infamous saying about breakfast being the most important meal of the day.  But, despite the superlative idiom, many of us skip this important morning meal.   Whether you have to get your kids ready for school, or you have to rush out the door to work, breakfast really is an important […]