2 Simple Ways To Beat Out A Sore Throat This Flu Season


Nobody likes having a scratchy throat– and yet, everybody seems to have one this time of year. Whether it’s because you have a kid that brought the infection of school, or your sniffly coworker refused to take a sick day, chances are you’ll be the next one with an aching throat. 

Normally when illness hits, you grab for whatever chemical-filled bottle is nearby; you will take almost anything to avoid being down and out this time of year. But what you seem to forget every year, is that natural cures serve as great ways to overcome those scratchy throats, declares Benjamin Asher, MD, PC, a member of the Committee on Complementary and Integrative Medicine at the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery.

He even believes that a large number of natural sore-throat remedies can be made right in the comfort of your own home! Take an in-depth look at two ways you can overcome a tender throat below:

#1: Rinse and relieve. Gargle with salt water– it’s that simple! I know it sounds gross, but this truly is an easy way to start relieving your throat. And again, the key word here is gargle! Nobody is suggesting that you should down a whole glass of salty water, because yuck!

Gargling with other solutions can also help relieve sore throats from irritants such as dry air and allergies. In one recent study that involved patients suffering from postoperative tracheal tubes, gargling with a combination of one teaspoon of licorice with about eight ounces of water, caused less-painful sore throats compared with those had by patients gargling with normal water. The licorice combination can be used as a drink or even as a gargling solution. You can even get licorice syrups from stores with natural remedies– just make sure it’s real licorice you’re getting!

Furthermore, Dr. Asher claims that gargling with organic apple cider vinegar is a great treatment, too, because it’s cleansing, he says. Also, it isn’t as severe as other kinds of vinegar. A fun plus that goes along with apple cider vinegar, is that it can easily be made into a homemade conditioner. This fun ingredient can protect your throat and your hair!

#2: Get To Mixing. The Big Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies says that relieving sore throats might be only a few ingredients away– all you need to do is use this simple recipe:

What To Use:

one antiseptic clove

a quarter teaspoon of inflammation-fighting powdered ginger

one-eighth teaspoon of inflammation-reducing cinnamon

four teaspoons of raw honey

What To Do:

Mix these ingredients and put it in two cups of boiling water. Then, implement some honey and take a sip! Keep sipping until your throat starts to feel better. Once you are back up on your feet, share your knowledge with your friends, so that you can all start naturally protecting yourselves from the various bugs going around. 


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