6 Ways To Turn Healthy Foods Into New Favorites

Mini Blueberry TartSuperfoods like salmon, spinach and blueberries are certainly worth eating, but the question is how do we keep healthy foods interesting so they continue to turn up on our table.   If we don’t, boredom inevitably sets in and we can be easily sabotaged with fast foods, rich sauces and longtime comfort foods.

Try these tips to keep things interesting:

Look for new recipes that work.  Check good food sites like Epicurious.com for starters and then keep right on going to find recipes that tempt you. You might find a great way to do salmon with oranges and herbs, or a fresh blueberry tart.  Once it becomes a favorite at your house, everything else is easy.

Put a little extra effort into every meal. Anticipation is really a big part of the equation when you look forward to a fabulous meal. You can capture that feeling, by putting a little extra effort into each meal: sautéing the onions, chopping more vegetables or seasoning the salad are all good ways to achieve this effect. The good flavors and sense of satisfaction will be worth the effort.

Cook with flavor instead of fats.  Onions, peppers, cilantro, garlic, sage, and basil are just a few of the healthy vegetables and seasonings that will make sure your meals are never boring and never need heavy creams or sauces. Start with a healthy choice like a bowl of hot oats and add cinnamon, dark chocolate, Greek yogurt, or fresh peaches to vary the taste every morning.  At dinner, fix grilled chicken with spicy peppers, hot mustard or Greek yogurt to sauce the dish. Then, add hot breads, whole wheat tortillas or grilled veggies on the side.

Make sure your fruit comes with a companion.  If you just eat fruit, you will get the good antioxidants, but the fruit’s sugar can spike your blood sugar and then torpedo it.  Balance the sugar from fruit with fat and protein in yogurt, cottage cheese or peanut butter.

Let natural hunger set the pace.  Sometimes when we establish meal schedules, eating becomes automatic, even if we are not very hungry. Don’t wait until you are starved, but let breaks, snacks and mealtimes run a natural course so you don’t get overloaded with calories. 

Take time out for a few indulgences too.  Make sure there is a little room in your diet for your favorite foods.  That way you won’t wind up craving them, and you will get a psychological boost that will help you maintain a natural eating plan.

As new recipes for healthy foods move into your old favorite category, you will be on your way to a healthier lifestyle.


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