8 Must-Have Foods For Your Kitchen

The selection of food available in the supermarket is staggering. There are aisles and aisles of products stocked from floor to ceiling, all vying for your attention.

You can’t buy everything, after all. To help you navigate the sea of shelves in the marketplace, we’ve found the top 8 must-have food products for your kitchen that will never disappoint.


They’re not just for sandwiches anymore; pickles are a versatile friend you can use in endless ways. Try chopping your favorite brand of pickles into macaroni and cheese before you bake it.

Fish Sauce

Yes, we said fish sauce; but it won’t taste fishy if you use it sparingly. It adds a rich texture and salty edge to burgers and shrimp. To make the most delicious salad dressing ever, add a dash of fish sauce to Caesar salad dressing.


You’ve seen it in the deli aisle, but never put it in your shopping cart. It’s a top-shelf cured meat, kind of like salami’s high-class cousin. It’s superb on sandwiches and perfect in pasta, and it tastes great with everything.

Coarse Sea Salt

Coarse sea salt may be trendy right now, but it’s also much healthier than regular table salt. It’s obtained naturally from the sea and does not undergo any processing, so the valuable trace elements are left intact. Use these big salt crystals on steaks, chicken and pasta for a bold taste.

Soy Sauce

This pungent sauce has outgrown its Asian culinary reputation and is a flavorful addition to a host of dishes: from mushrooms and caramelized onions, to steaks and chili.

Parmesan Cheese

Parmesan cheese tastes better and stays fresher when you buy a wedge and grate it yourself. You’d be surprised how much better pizza tastes with fresh-grated cheese instead of the packet parmesan. Also, it brings a nice twang to potatoes, pasta and squash.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

You can kill two birds with one bottle if you use the same one for cooking and for drizzling over salads. Also recommended, is a simple dipping sauce of sea salt, pepper and chopped herbs to dunk your bread in.


Stop thinking about bacon as a fast-food topping and artery clogger. In moderation, the smoky  flavor and aroma of bacon can add a rich foundation to all sorts of healthy dishes. Fry a few strips of bacon in sautéed spinach, or use it to stuff mushrooms.

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