Are Your Habits Making You Sick?

fluCold and Flu season doesn’t end until early spring and that’s still a few weeks away. Don’t forget to stay diligent in your daily habits in order to make it through the flu and cold season unscathed. Here are some things you might be doing that could be making you sick or, at least, putting you at higher risk!

Stress, Worry and Anxiety

No one can eliminate stress, worry or anxiety from their life completely but you have to remember there is a solid connection between stress and your immune system. The American Psychological Association says that the type of stress that is most damaging to the immune system is the kind that comes from the lack of a social support system. So, make it a point to reach out for help when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Go out with friends, get a babysitter for some time to yourself, or get involved in a hobby or social club.

Your Eating Habits

Remember, the cornerstone of a healthy diet is variety. You need fruits and vegetables of a wide variety in order to get what you need from your food. Check out the recommended daily allowance for vitamins and minerals on the USDA’s website and strive to reach those goals every day. This will keep your immune system in optimum shape and make you feel better – which will then help with stress and other factors that could be making you sick.

Get Out

OK, so no one is too keen on going outside when it’s three degrees out, but staying inside all winter long is not a good strategy. You should try to get outside and get as much exercise as you can handle. Not only is the Vitamin D that the sun helps your body manufacture good for you and your mood, it’s also important to keep your activity level up; take advantage of the season even though there are a lot of excuses to take the bus or drive your car short distances when you could walk or bike instead.

Watch the Hands

You know you need to wash your hands regularly during cold and flu season, but you also need to be aware of what you’re touching. If you have a communal coffee pot at work a lot of people have touched that handle – do you even think of washing your hands after? When you’re in public you should make it a priority to pay attention to the surfaces you touch and wash your hands regularly. You should also try to avoid touching your face as much as you can.

Cold and flu season has almost come to a close, but remember to stay diligent as spring draws near and try to keep up healthy habits.

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