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Could chiropractic care help relieve patients with neuromuscular disorder (NMD)?

One study looked to understand the nature and scope of pain in people afflicted with NMD, and used outcome measures of pain presence or absence, pain severity, pain quality from the Neuropathic Pain Scale, pain interference from the Brief Pain Inventory, pain region, quality of life, and pain treatment for participants.

What researchers found was that 73 percent of study subjects reported pain, and 27 percent said the pain was severe. Patients suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis as well as myotonic muscular dystrophies had the most pain interference– and patients with Charcot-Marie-Tooth reported the least.

The most common pain site was back, and then leg, shoulder, neck, buttock and hip(s), feet, arm(s), and hand(s), in that order. The study subjects reported noticeably worse dysfunction than subjects without health issues– but researchers saw zero significant changes between the study participants and U.S. expectations on mental health scales. While many pain treatments were administered to the study sample, no treatment method looked to be effective for every participant, and some of the methods considered the most effective– for example, chiropractic care– should have been used by more of the subjects. 

Researchers concluded that pain serves as a common issue for patients with NMDs. While there are many similarities, there are also crucial differences between NMD diagnostic groups on the pain symptoms and scope of pain, as well as its affect on the body. More research should be conducted to confirm chiropractic care’s potential effectiveness for relieving NMD-based pain. 

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