Carpal Tunnel Symptoms Relieved at Aurora Chiropractor

Could carpal tunnel syndrome experience relief through chiropractic care?

A study looked to compare the efficacy of conservative medical care with chiropractic therapy in the relief of carpal tunnel syndrome through the use of two-group, randomized, single-blind trials with nine weeks of treatment and a one-month follow-up interview at the Wolfe-Harris Center for Clinical Studies at Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Minnesota.The Joint

For the study, 91 of 96 study participants were used who had reported symptoms that were confirmed clinically and through nerve conduction studies.

Interventions included ibuprofen administration at 800 mg three times a day for one week, 800 mg twice a day for one week, and 800 mg as needed to a maximum daily dose of 2400 mg for seven wk, along with nocturnal wrist supports. Chiropractic treatment involved soft tissue manipulation as well as manipulation of the bony joints found in the upper extremities and spine in the form of three treatments a week for two weeks, two treatments a week for three weeks, and one treatment a week for four weeks.

The researchers used outcome measures that included pre- and post-assessments of self-reported distress, nerve conduction studies, and vibrometry. What researchers concluded was that there was noticeable improvement in self-reported comfort and function, as well as nerve conduction and finger sensation, in both groups.

In conclusion, carpal tunnel syndrome linked with median nerve demyelination (but not axonal degeneration) could experience relief through frequently-used measures of both conservative medical and chiropractic care.

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