Chiropractic Care Quiets Your Kids in Aurora

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Could chiropractic care relieve even the most cry-babiest of babies?

Chiropractors have long claimed that their technique can improve symptoms of infant colic, despite there still being some naysayers about chiropractic care’s effectiveness in quieting your young children down for the night.

But it’s time to put this issue to bed.

A study looked to focus on the result of excessively crying babies who were administered chiropractic care, and denounce any previously potentially-believed notion that a proposed cessation of sobs was age-related.

Using a retrospective evaluation of available clinical records involving 749 infants administered chiropractic care, it was concluded that each of the infants were otherwise healthy and thriving. They also fulfilled the criteria necessary for infantile colic consideration; their parents ultimately were fortunate enough to choose chiropractic therapy for their children’s potential treatment. All of the infants were given chiropractic therapy by expert Doctors of Chiropractic, and improvements in crying were based on parental reports; these improvements were valued as substantial using trusted scientific confidence intervals.

It was found specifically that slightly older children were associated with greater colic reduction following chiropractic care compared with exceedingly whiny younger infants who showed a certain level of improvement as well. That being said, the residual effect between chiropractic therapy and a decrease in crying symptoms was more magnified in the slightly-older infants.

In conclusion, this study seeks continued research on the efficacy of chiropractic treatment for infantile colic that isn’t situated around a normalized age-related cessation of this crying issue.

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