Chiropractic Sets Sights on Improving Quality Of Life For Women in Aurora

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Could chiropractic care relieve women during sensitive times?

Even I used to have lots of reservations when I first heard about chiropractic care and “how great” it was supposed to be– but could such holistic therapies really provide some relief for just about anything?

Using a randomized clinical trial to look at the effectiveness of chiropractic care for premenstrual syndrome (PMS), researchers looked at female patients for underlying spinal problems.

A total of 54 subjects were diagnosed with PMS, while another 30 subjects without a diagnosis of PMS were “recruited by newspaper advertising and referrals.”

Each of them experienced chiropractic evaluations administered by one of two fully-qualified chiropractors, with the evaluation results for the PMS group being directly compared with those from the non-PMS group.

It was found that the PMS patients showed more positive responses for all 12 evaluated spinal dysfunction indexes, sans for low back range of motion. The spinal dysfunction index where the most statistically-significant improvement was seen, included “cervical, thoracic, and low back tenderness, low back orthopedic testing, low back muscle weakness, and the neck disability index.”

In conclusion, because spinal dysfunction is often seen in PMS sufferers (especially compared with non-PMS sufferers), the argument could be made that it’s because of PMS that spinal dysfunction occurs. Furthermore, chiropractic manipulative therapy could provide an alternative therapy option for women with PMS.

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