Chiropractor Could Offer Relief for Crohn’s Disease in Aurora

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A study looked to decipher the witnessed positive results stemming from a controlled test that used chiropractic adjustments to improve subluxations in those suffering from both Crohn’s disease and allergies. Researchers also talk about the potential mechanisms involved with the relationship found between visceral and immune abnormality and subluxation.

Fifty-seven Crohn’s disease patients were divided into two groups: a treatment group that involved 17 patients and a control group made up of 34 patients. While all the patients continued their medication, the treatment group was subjected to spinal adjustment so it could lower the vertebral subluxations located in the thoracic and lumbar regions. These results were then compared with the 34 patients in the control group who didn’t get spinal adjustments.

Out of the 17 patients who were administered spinal therapy, 12 showed comprehensive and long-term remission of their symptoms. It was found that vertebral subluxation is a frequent finding in patients afflicted with allergies and Crohn’s disease.

In conclusion, these study results showed that chiropractic treatment was able to have a substantial impact on the immune ability of these allergy and Crohn’s disease subjects. Furthermore, it’s believed that this nerve compression beckons the onset of a chronic functional disorder that impacts digestion, nutrients and liquid absorption, and food conveyance along with numerous other functions pertaining to the digestive tract all the way to excretion. In many of the cases, chiropractic care was able to help these symptoms. 

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