Do You Hear What You’re Body is Trying to Say?

mirrorYour body is an amazing machine. Even without thinking about it, your body performs the complicated choreography that keeps you alive every day. Not everyone, however, is really connected to their body and the mind/body connection is one of the most important that you can make. It’s how you can tell if something isn’t right with your health, but listening to your body and truly being connected to it also keeps you happier and instills a greater confidence in you. The big question is: are you listening to what your body is trying to say?

Message Received?

Whether or not you’re aware of it, your body is constantly sending signals to your mind. They differ from person to person, but you can bet that there are things happening to your body that means something if you are able to decode it. For example, some people may go into their work performance review with sweaty palms or a racing heartbeat – they’re nervous. In that same situation others may just feel like they have no energy. Stress impacts each person differently, but once you understand your body’s own personal alarm system it’ll be a lot easier to pick up on the subtle cues your body may be sending. You just have to think about it as a way your body is trying to get your attention.

The Snooze Button

There are ways in which we try to thwart our body’s attempts at gaining our attention. They’re called “numbing strategies” and they may be effective, but only in the short term. There are a few very common numbing strategies that most people tend to use. The first is the sugar-caffeine buzz approach. This is when something happens that causes your body to react and you, in an attempt to right yourself, run straight for the triple mocha latte or the giant chocolate chip cookie in the kitchen. Alcohol is another common numbing strategy. Some people feel stressed so they go straight for the wine to get them through. And good old fashioned avoidance and denial are also a part of a lot of people’s numbing strategy.

The biggest thing you have to do is to be aware when you’re doing these things. Making yourself numb to what your body is trying to say is most definitely not a workable long term strategy. They merely cover things up in the short term. You need to learn to deal with your body and really address the problems it’s trying to alert you to.

Be Your Biggest Cheerleader

Being your own best friend may sound easy, but it’s a big task. Many people do not tend to put themselves first when it comes to everyday life but the truth of the matter is that if you want to be healthy and happy you have to learn to.  Forget Facebook and friend yourself!

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