Eat Right, Moms: It Could Lower Later Dermatology Costs

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Mothers-to-be, eating while you’re pregnant can be difficult at best. You oftentimes are forced to balance the foods you crave with the foods you know you should consume for your baby, like grub high in folic acid, calcium, or iron. Recently, a team of Japanese researchers at Fukuoka University realized that another reason moms-to-be should eat healthy vegetables and fruit is that it appears to lower the baby’s risk for contracting eczema and infantile wheeze.

The Study

In the study, which has since been published in the journal Allergy, more than 1,000 women wrote down their daily food intake during their pregnancies. The researchers next followed the health status of the babies for 24 months following their birth, and witnessed a lower incidence of eczema (a skin rash) in babies with moms who had ingested greater amounts of green and yellow vegetables, citrus fruits, and beta-carotene. The researchers also found that infantile wheeze was less prevalent among babies who had mothers who consumed greater levels of vitamin E.

Wheeze, which often presents itself through a high-pitched whistling during exhalation and can be symptomatic of asthma, could be invited by a multitude of factors.

“There are probably a number of factors behind these findings,” says dietitian Melinda Johnson, MS, RD, of Central Arizona College, whose further qualifications include an expert in pregnancy nutrition. “Vitamin E may be needed for proper airway development in the fetus. If mothers don’t get enough vitamin E during pregnancy, their babies may not be getting what they need for healthy airways,” she concludes.

Vitamin E also works as an antioxidant that both improves the immune system and protects lung cells, Johnson says. But could there be a correlation between fruits, vegetables, beta-carotene, and eczema? Research finds that beta-carotene and vitamin C play integral roles in the formation of healthy skin cells, Johnson indicates.


Though no real research has discovered that certain foods can lead to eczema or wheeze, fruits and vegetables might lower the risk– while giving you and your baby a plethora of other health benefits in the process.


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