Eat These Healthy Foods for Weight Loss

watermelonSwimsuit season is near; are you ready? If you spent the winter enjoying comfort foods, now is the time to get back to eating healthy. Thankfully, there are so many tasty options to help you lose the extra weight.

Watermelon: Many dieters steer clear of watermelon due to its sugar content. However, watermelon is a great weight loss food. Not only is it delicious, but it is mostly water. Therefore, it has a smaller amount of calories and fat. It will help keep you hydrated and act as a natural diuretic. Another thing to love about watermelon is that it is naturally sweet and filling!

Strawberries: Here’s another fruit that is easy to snack on. They are also quite delicious in salads or smoothies. They are tasty and full of Vitamin C and fiber, both essential for weight loss. An added bonus, strawberries can help whiten teeth.

Green Tea: Make a large pitcher of iced green tea to help keep belly fat away. Research shows that those who drank green tea along with exercising lost more weight and more belly fat than those who didn’t drink tea at all. Green tea has a chemical called catechin in it that helps boost the drinker’s metabolism. It’s a nice, cold beverage to have around during summer; just be sure to skip the sugar.

Chilled Soups: Now that is it getting warmer, you can start your meals off with delicious chilled soups, like gazpacho. Dieters who consumed veggie-rich soup before their main meal ate less calories overall. Chilled soups are filling and refreshing.

Grilled Vegetables: Summer vegetables taste extraordinary with just a little time on the BBQ. Enjoy the taste of barbequed vegetables, such as corn, asparagus, zucchini, and more. Make sure to grill extras to have on hand for salads and wraps for later in the week.

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy fresh and grilled produce. In season fruits and vegetables are bursting with flavor, so it is easy to indulge without feeling guilty. You really can’t over-eat on fruit and vegetables, so make them a priority when you are planning your meals. Fill up on these five summer weight loss foods, and before you know it, you will be looking your best.

 Story Credit, Image Credit: Watermelon by Rafael Moreno. Used under the Creative Commons license.



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