Foods That Give You the Most Nutritious Bang for Your Buck

potatoThe best foods to incorporate into your diet are the foods that are the most nutrient dense but also won’t be the ruin of your calorie bank or your bank account.

Food that’s good for you doesn’t have to be expensive, and here’s a list of foods that will give you all you need in the nutrient department and are affordable too.


Eggs take a real beating. Over the years they’ve been touted as being one of the best foods you can eat, and also one of the worst. Fat and cholesterol were its downfalls. But, research has shown that the humble egg actually is one of the better foods you can include in your diet. They are full of Vitamins A, D, E and K, and they pack quite a punch of protein. If you’re at high risk for heart disease you should probably take out the yolk. Either way, there are some egg-cellent ways to includes eggs in a healthy and balanced diet.


Milk has its ups and down, but it still stands that people should be getting three servings of calcium a day and milk is a great source for it. Also throw some Vitamin D into the mix, which is a fat soluble vitamin that needs milk’s fat to be absorbed, and you’ve got yourself an honest-to-goodness health food.

Greek Yogurt

Everyone knows that yogurt is good for yo gut, but Greek yogurt has the added benefit of packing in the protein while giving you less cholesterol, sugar, carbs and sodium of regular yogurt. Plus, you can use plain Greek yogurt in recipes and as a substitute for sour cream – it’s versatile!

Chicken Breast

The queen of the lean meats, chicken breasts are inexpensive and a great source of protein. Chicken breast is low in calories but also provides you with most of your daily protein in one serving. It can be prepared many ways to keep your taste buds tantalized too. There’s nothing boring about this bird.


Oh, the almighty almond. All you need is just 23 of these per day to get a big dose of Vitamin E, calcium, potassium, fiber and magnesium – without much sugar at all. They’re also very high in protein.


The poor potato has gotten a bad reputation over the last few years. The thing is that potatoes are actually complex carbohydrates that have a lot of Vitamins C and B. Plus there are tons of ways you can prepare these spuds for your enjoyment.

Eating healthy doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money or try exotic foods with names you have difficulty pronouncing. Healthy food is accessible and closer than you probably think, so try to add a few of the foods here to your shopping list.

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