“Healthy” Foods You Might Want to Avoid

sushiSometimes the food choice you’re making seems like a good one. After all, if it’s not deep fried or covered in icing then it must be ok, right? Well, no. There’s a lot to consider about the foods you are eating, especially if you’re eating them with health in mind. Here are a few foods that appear healthy, but you may want to avoid after reading this!

Trail Mix

Ok, so trail mix is delicious – no bones about it. It’s also chock full of protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Not to mention it’s easy to find and take with you on the go. But, it’s not that great for you! Trail mix is full of excel sugars, preservatives and oils.

While it might be true that the nuts are full of heart-healthy fats, they’re also very high in calories. Plus, the dried fruits are a no-no if you’re trying to stay healthy. The best thing you can do is to try your own homemade mix full of unsalted nuts and natural fruits.


This one hurts to admit, but it’s also pretty deceptive. The pre-packaged stuff tends to have a ton of calories. It may have a good amount of protein and healthy fats to offer but it seems like something you can eat an entire container of and not go wrong and that’s simply not true. You have to mind your portions with this one and stick to one serving with fresh veggies as the dippers.


If those heart-healthy people in Japan eat this stuff then it can’t be wrong, right? Well, not the way Americans do it! Sure, you’re trying to be healthy with this one, and that’s admirable, but with all the good stuff in sushi it can be hard to see the proverbial forest through the trees. Sure, there’s good fish and veggies, but there’s also a lot of rice, deep fried fillings and sauces to contend with. If you want to go out for sushi try some sashimi, which is sliced fish or brown rice with a roll.

Peanut Butter

Sure, it packs a serious protein punch, but it also packs in some serious calories. One serving of peanut butter has around 200 calories! The process that makes these nuts into butter is the culprit. They’re often mixed in with ingredients like salt, hydrogenated vegetable oil and corn syrup to make them into something you want to eat. You can have peanut butter from time to time, but try to limit it and also look at the ingredients you’re getting in it.

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