Help Your Kids Straighten Up!

kidsSchool is out, so you may be spending a lot more time with your kiddos than normal; and you may have noticed their poor posture throughout the day as well. It’s just as important for children to look after their backs as it is for adults, so here’s a few ways you can help your child to perfect their posture.

What Does Good Posture Mean?

Posture is how you hold your body and limbs when you’re standing, sitting or lying down. Good posture means that you are aware of holding yourself in a way that puts the least amount of strain on your back, no matter what you are doing.

To have good posture means that you bones and joints are in line so that the muscles in your body can be used properly. It doesn’t put stress on your ligaments, you don’t get tired as quickly, you don’t get pain in your back or other muscles and best of all – you look good!

What it Takes to Have Good Posture

For your kids, good posture will require strong, flexible muscles around the spine, well-balanced muscles and a general awareness of posture so that they can work to improve it. Regular exercise like running, walking, cycling and playing sports will help to keep their back strong.


To ensure your child’s posture is perfect while standing you will need to help them practice. Have them stand in front of a mirror and hold their head up, chin in and look straight ahead. Have them put their shoulders back, tuck in their tummy, keep their knees straight and then take a deep breath and relax their shoulders as they keep their chest forward.


When sitting down, you should encourage your child to keep their back straight. This means that when they sit their back should be against the backrest of the chair. Their knees should make a right angle, their feet should be flat on the floor and make sure they don’t cross or tuck their legs.

If they’re at the computer they need to be reminded not to lean forward. They should sit back and stretch their arms out to the keyboard instead. Arms should be rested on the chair or desk in front of the keyboard. Their shoulders should stay relaxed.

For video games, make sure to remind them not to hunch their shoulders. This often happens as excitement in the game ratchets up. Gently remind them not to do this! They also should take breaks every half hour or so to stretch and move around a bit so that their body can relax.

Helping to remind your children about good posture will help them to make it a habit, and this will benefit them for the rest of their lives!

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