How to Avoid Burnout and Reduce Stress

BurnoutLife can get pretty busy.  Between work, family, relationships and just the general day to day activities of life things can become stressful and you can get burned out.  There are ways, however, to avoid burn out and reduce stress in your life, so have no fear! 

Signs of Burnout

Some signs of burnout are what you might expect and some are not.  Either way, when you hit your limit of stress in your life it tends to come out in several ways.  Lack of interest in daily activities or a general feeling of apathy is a frequent sign.  Depression, forgetfulness and irritability with coworkers, family and even friends are red flags that you are on the highway to burnout town.  If you notice that you feel you are feeling drained at work without higher productivity or you are sleepless at night, burnout is knocking at your door.  And if you are frequently sick it could be a sign from your body that you need more effective ways to reduce stress and keep it manageable.

Avoiding Burnout Strategies

1: Sleep

Basically, reduce stress in your life.  This can be accomplished in several ways.  First, make sure that you are getting enough sleep at night.  If you wake up in the night thinking about all the pressing issues at work or can’t get to sleep because of them then try some relaxation exercises before bed to help get you in a better frame of mind to get some sleep. 

2: Exercise

Speaking of exercise, it’s a great stress reducer!  It helps to keep your brain and your body stimulated and healthy and offers a mood boost through the release of endorphins.  Moderate aerobic exercise three times per week for 20 minutes can help you to manage stress and be healthier too!

3: Enjoy the Outdoors

Getting outside and communing with nature is another great stress relief, and something that can be combined with exercise, which creeps over into the excellent time management category as well!  Being outside in green spaces can help you feel less stressed and can even reduce the stress hormones in your body.

4: Take Breaks

This means, if possible, work the time required by your job but make sure to take frequent breaks.  Don’t skip lunch and make sure that you take time for yourself to regroup and refocus.  This won’t only help you to relieve stress, but also to be more productive and focused while on the job.

5: Mama, What’s Vacation?

It has been shown that people who take regular vacations are less likely to suffer from burnout.  Unfortunately, it has also been shown that the average American worker takes the least amount of vacation time of any developed country.  It’s basically a no-brainer that time away will help reduce stress in your life, so be mindful of the benefits of vacations and make sure to take what you’ve earned.

Everyone experiences burnout at some point, but hopefully utilizing these techniques and being aware of how stress can impact you will help you to avoid orbiting planet burnout.  Be nice to yourself!

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