How to Give Your Metabolism a Makeover

makeoverAre you exercising and watching what you eat, but still aren’t getting any results? This is a common problem, and it may have a lot to do with your metabolism. Here are some ways you can help give your metabolism a makeover so that your hard work is rewarded.

Avoid Fad Diets

Crash diets and diet pills are not a long term solution to weight loss. All they manage to really do effectively is take your metabolism on a roller coaster ride. These types of things are way more harmful to your body than you may think, and bad for your metabolism, so cut them out!

Take a Break

Stress and metabolism are not best friends forever. Stress can cause a hormonal and chemical reaction in your body that can tank your metabolism. Find ways to help relax and take stress out of your life in order to get your metabolism back in working order.

Just Say No to Sugar

Too much sugar in your blood stream creates a chain reaction in your body that leads to decreased digestive function. If you want your body to run at its best then you need to ditch the sugar!

High Intensity Workouts are Good

If you’ve been stuck in a workout rut and doing the same thing for a while, it’s time to switch t up. High intensity workouts help you to burn calories for longer after the workout is through.

Eat Frequent and Small Meals

Three big meals a day is not the ticket to a balanced metabolism. Eating several small meals a day helps to keep your metabolism from slowing down throughout the day.

Don’t Fake It

Eat as close to the natural source of a food as possible and avoid foods with additives or that are highly processed, because they can really make that old metabolism slow down.

Drink More

Water, that is. When you’re dehydrated you whole body operates less efficiently. There’s even evidence to suggest that increasing your intake of water can boost your metabolism. If you drink extra cold water it theoretically causes your body to work harder to bring it up to temperature too, so add those ice cubes!

Get Plenty of Sleep

If you don’t get enough rest then it slows you down – metabolism included. Catching up on your zzz’s can help to give your metabolism the boost it really needs.

Drink Coffee or Tea

Yes! The caffeine in these drinks is a stimulant, so starting your morning out with a cup an really rev up that metabolism. Best suggestion ever!

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