How To Make Your BBQ A Healthy Event

Whether you’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle or just shed a few pounds, a barbecue can be a real test of your willpower; unless you’re the host or hostess. In that case, you have complete control over the festivities. Here are easy ways to wow your guests at a barbecue while still looking out for their well-being.

Keep Everyone Active

Throw some Frisbees, set up a net for volleyball or badminton, or even a game of horseshoes for the older guests. The important thing is to get your friends and family out of their chairs without them realizing that it’s all in the name of working off the BBQ ribs and German chocolate cake.

A great way to get your partygoers on their feet is to plan a softball game for after the meal. This serves two purposes; your guests get to exercise away the pounds they put on with your delicious fare, and many of your guests will avoid stuffing themselves so they can shine on the baseball diamond.

Keep It Lean and Green

Salads are not only the perfect complement to BBQ dishes, they are ideal for creating a feel-good summertime picnic vibe. Offer a selection of leafy greens and a fruit salad, but steer clear of pasta salads and mayonnaise.

If you want to impress your guests with yummy treats that are also nutritious, offer something for everyone with a fresh buffet of dipping veggies, nuts and low-fat cheese.

Offer Healthy Beverages

In outdoor settings, party guests will generally consume whatever drinks are cold and handy, so stock your cooler with plenty of bottles of water, juice and iced tea. You can make your own flavored waters by adding slices of oranges and limes to pitchers of water.

Try some trendy beverages like coconut water or, if you’re so inclined, fruit smoothies. Just for fun, serve your guests “mocktails,” which are cocktails that taste intoxicating but contain no alcohol. You can find yummy mocktail recipes online, and we’re willing to bet some of your guests won’t know the difference.

Grill Smarter

You can’t have a barbecue without a smokey grill, but you can keep your menu healthy by grilling lean meat or  even veggie burgers. Even better, opt for grilling skinless chicken breasts and seafood instead.

Use some or all of these healthy suggestions at your next holiday barbecue, but whatever you do, don’t forget to serve the official dessert of American barbecues, watermelon.


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