Muscle Mistakes You Might Be Making in Your Workout Routine

weightsIf you work out regularly then kudos to you! Working out on a regular basis is important for health. But it would be a shame to put all of that hard work in on something and not reap all the benefits you could from it wouldn’t it? Well, most people that work out regularly unfortunately aren’t aware of the complete picture of the muscle building process, and how it relates to nutrition. This often results in plateauing, which leads you straight to disappointment. Here are some common mistakes people make when they’re trying to build muscle and how you can avoid them!


A lot of people don’t give their body enough time to recover. While it’s great to be motivated enough to want to push yourself on a daily basis, your muscles can only grow when you give them time to recover between workouts. When you lift, for example, you are damaging your muscles and they don’t actually grow until after the workout is done. If you work out the same muscles too soon then you are preventing your body from actually growing them as much as it could and repairing them.

Eating Enough

People think that the less you eat the better it is, but this is not true. Your body needs fuel in order to build muscle. If you don’t consume enough calories then you won’t be providing the building blocks your body needs to make gains and this will slow down the results you see at the gym. You can fix this problem by tracking your calories and then adding 100-200 calories a day until you see progress again.

Poor Protein

Your body uses protein to repair and build muscle, so if you’re not getting enough then guess what? You won’t see the gains from the gym that you want! You should be eating about .75 grams of protein per pound of body fat per day to make sure you have to repair your muscles after a workout.

Change it Up

When you work out on a regular basis then your body becomes used to what you are doing. You have to confuse your muscles in order to get them to perform the way you want! By changing up your workouts then you are getting your muscles to work harder and this will lead to continued gains in strength and muscle. When you hit a plateau then try mixing up your reps for a few weeks. That can normally help you to break through and start seeing progress again!

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