Patients With Head Injuries Offered Relief With Chiropractic in Aurora

The JointWhen it comes to head trauma that induces epilepsy, could chiropractic care breed symptom relief?

It was a question researchers looked to answer when they looked at both localized and categorized central nervous system dysfunction before and after chiropractic adjustment in case histories of five separate children. Conventional Electroencephalography (EEG) studies convey responses of two children with petit mal (aka absent seizures) who offered potential for transitioning into grand mal. Upper cervical adjustment decreased invasion of primary epileptic foci into adjacent areas of the brain and concurrently decreased the frequency of seizures during a four-month span.

In two examples of “hyperactivity” and attention deficit disorder, upper cervical adjustment decreased non coherence between right and left hemispheres in one child, and in a second child, computerized EEG (CEEG), or brain mapping, offered rehabilitation of normal incidence of the alpha frequency spectrum.

Greater attention span and improvement of social behavior were witnessed in both cases; a child diagnosed hemiplegic in an automobile accident showed predominantly delta spectrum and an insufficiency of beta spectrum over the sensory motor cortex in the affected side of the brain. Following chiropractic adjustment, the CEEG showed a lower percentage of delta spectrum and greater beta spectrum. The patient could also employ his arm and leg contralaterally to the injured side of the brain without needing outside help after upper cervical adjustment.

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