Super Bowl Survival Strategies

nachosIt’s that time of year again – time for the Super Bowl. No matter who you’re rooting for, one thing is for certain at every Super Bowl party: Game day food is abundant. Most of it also happens to be very unhealthy. So, what can you do to survive a game day without taking any hits to your resolve to eat healthier? Well, here are a few tips to help keep you from unhealthy food penalties and to help you stick to your healthy game plan.

Don’t Fumble on Fat

Most of the Super Bowl fare is going to be high in fat – pizza loaded with meat, chicken wings soaked in butter, deep fried chips and cheese dip. You know the drill. But you don’t have to consume more fat than a third world nation on game day. For instance, you can try veggie pizza instead of meat. If that’s not going to work, then dab your pizza off with a paper towel before you eat it. That may sound a little crazy, but it’s better to soak up all that grease than to actually eat it.

You can also replace regular chips with baked chips since they contain less fat. And if nachos are on the buffet, attempt to keep the cheese ratio small and add on as many veggies as you can. The spicier you go with your food, the better off you’ll be too since spicy food tends to give your metabolism a bit of a boost.

Alcohol – Across the Middle!

Beer or other alcoholic drinks are usually a staple at a Super Bowl party, but alcohol is full of empty calories. So, what should you do if you still want to sip some suds with your buds? Try a beer that is a little lighter in calories! Don’t worry, you won’t lose any street cred either, because there are some legit beers that have about 130 calories a bottle. So feel free to enjoy a couple without adding too many calories.

In the End Zone

If you want to partake of a little more snacks than usual on game day, all you have to do is strategize beforehand. Make sure you get in some exercise earlier in the day — and maybe try to do a little bit more than you normally would — in order to help offset the calories you’ll be consuming later. Also, try to eat something healthy before you go, so you won’t be as tempted. If you stick with this plan you will be doing a victory dance in no time!

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