What No One Tells You About Marriage

weddingWedding season is here. It’s a lovely season filled with parties, dancing and cake – but what happens when the wedding excitement is done? There are a lot of myths that persist in society about marriage today. This article draws attention to some of the biggest marriage myths and will help to set the record straight on matrimony!

Marriage Changes You for the Better

The truth is that the person you met at the end of the aisle is the same person who will be taking out the garbage and loading the dishwasher. If you’re looking for marriage to magically change you or your partner then you will be disappointed. The only magic that exists in marriage are the little things you add every day to make it good. Kisses, cuddles, surprises and smiles – those are the magic moments in spending your life with another person.

Once You’re Married It Will All Work Out

Marriage is not the great equalizer. It will not forgive your student loans, it will not make you great aunt Helen any nicer, and it won’t get you a promotion at the office. Things in life work out because you make them work out with effort you put into it. End of story.

Your Spouse Knows What You Need

Marriage will not magically turn your spouse into the Great Vinzini, able to read your mind with their magical crystal ball. No matter how much you love your partner and vice versa, neither one of you is a mind reader.  So make sure to use your words and communicate what you need and want.

Marriage Will Complete You

Look, Jerry Maguire had no clue what he was talking about, so just stop that right now! The best you can hope for is for marriage to make you more of who you are – bring out your strengths and help you identify your weaknesses. Marriage is a safe place where you can learn and grow, hopefully together. Plus, there’s nothing to fix in the first place because you’re not broken! Only you can complete you.

Communication Doesn’t Take Practice

Oh, if only this one were true! Sadly, communication is a living thing and it changes and (hopefully) grows as you and your partner do.  You can really only learn good communication by paying attention to yourself and others over time. Empathy and active listening take practice. There’s no pressure to be perfect here, just trying is enough.

A Perfect Wedding Means a Perfect Marriage

The purpose of getting married is the actual marriage, not the wedding. Sure, weddings are fun (as are honeymoons) but some of the best marriages have started at the County Courthouse. You don’t have to buy a $10,000 dress or have the best buffet on the block to make sure that your marriage is one that lasts. How you treat your partner every day is what makes a marriage.

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