Where is Sugar Hiding in Your “Healthy” Food?

honeySometimes, “health” food isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Just because it claims to be an alternative, doesn’t mean that it’s not packed with things that may not be so healthy for you, like sugar. So, which foods that are perceived as “healthier” the biggest culprits when it comes to hiding sugar? Read on to find out!


Ok, so this one may appear obvious since honey is basically sugar, but may people perceive honey as being healthier than table sugar when it really isn’t. In fact, organic honey is one and half times sweeter than sugar and it raises blood sugar just as much as table sugar does. Many “health” foods advertise that they are sweetened with honey, but you should just know that that’s really no different than sugar, no matter the source.


This is made by combining sugarcane and sugar beets. Molasses contains just as much sugar per serving as honey. So even though it may be touted as being healthier or better for you than sugar, that’s basically what it is.

Raw Sugar

The name of this one is deceiving. It is processed different than regular sugar, but that still doesn’t change the fact that it’s just sugar. Being “raw” makes absolutely no difference. It is processed by your body the same as table sugar.


You will find a lot of “healthy” recipes that call for agave. This is nectar and it’s contained in a lot of teas and other drinks, but agave is still just sugar in disguise! It is also 85% fructose, and fructose is metabolized by your liver, which then converts it to glucose. If you have too much glucose then it gets stored as fat. So, this one may be just a bit worse for you than regular sugar is!

So, the next time you are shopping in the health food section of your local supermarket, make sure to check the labels and find out exactly what is in your food. Anything that ends in “-ose”, like glucose, sucrose, lactose, maltose and fructose are all forms of sugar. The higher it is in the ingredients list, the more of it there is in the food. Not all sugar is evil, of course, the there’s not kind of sugar that is actually healthy for you. The World Health Organization recommends keeping your sugar intake to below 5% of your calories. It varies, but that’s only around 6 teaspoons a day. So, you have to be careful about the sugar you may not know you are eating!

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