3 Assassins that Will Kill Your Diet

bagelsIf you’re trying to be healthier or lose a few pounds, the suggestion of eating out can make you break out in a cold sweat. After all, when you’re trying to make good choices restaurants are usually not the places you can do that. From portion size to the way food is prepared, eating out gives you less control over what you’re actually putting into your body. There are some items on nearly every kind of restaurant menu that should automatically be avoided. Fortunately for you, here they are in one nice blog for you.

Soy Sauce

This one might be a bit of shock since calorie-wise it isn’t that terrible. But, calories aren’t the killer here – sodium is. Just one tablespoon of sodium has over 1,000 mg of sodium. Yes, that’s 1,000 mg! If you really want to get an in with the sushi purist crowd then you don’t need to put any soy sauce on anything you eat at the sushi bar.

Instead of soy sauce, if you’re going out for sushi with your pals, then try some mackerel. Mackerel may not be as glamourous as other fish on the menu, but compared to salmon its got twice the amount of omega-3 fatty acids and is one of the best choices you can make when you’re out for sushi.

Taco Salad

Hey, it’s a salad so it can’t be that bad! Not to be a buzzkill, but taco salads are the wolves in sheep’s clothing of the salad world. First of all, they’re served in a deep fried shell – and that should be enough to make you say no way. But, they also come with ground beef, cheese, sour cream and maybe a few strands of iceberg lettuce. A normal taco salad packs a whopping 900 calories.

If you’re going out for Mexican and you want to eat healthy, you should instead try the chicken fajitas. They have a ton of veggies in them and chicken is one of the best lean proteins you can order. Just stay away from the cheese and sour cream to save some calories. You can also forego the tortillas and eat it with a fork and plenty of salsa.

Bran Muffins

When you’re trying to find a healthy breakfast on the go you may think that bran is a great choice. Sure, bran has a lot of fiber but when it comes in muffin form it also comes with a lot of calories and fat. They truly aren’t that much better than that 500 calorie scone you’re drooling over.

If you’re going out with the crowd for breakfast or brunch, order a nice egg and cheese sandwich instead. You can normally find one that is less than 400 calories, as long as it’s not served on a bagel. Plus, the protein packs a punch and will make you less hungry as the day goes on. It’s a winner.

Eating out doesn’t have to be something you avoid when you’re trying to be mindful of what you’re eating, it just takes a little more finesse on your part to know your choices and make good ones.

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