3 Awesome Reasons You Should Embrace Rejection

If you’ve been rejected then you know that it can be very tough. We may feel like we’re not good enough or that we’re missing out on some great opportunity. Well sometimes rejection can be a good thing. Check out the following great thought-processes to help you embrace ejection.


1. Something Better Is Waiting For You

When I would go through break-ups I would often get so broken hearted if I  was the one who got dumped. I would think that I wasn’t good enough or that I was missing out on a wonderful partner. But I have come to realize that since then I have met people that are much better suited for me and had I held on to a past relationship I wouldn’t have met the fabulous people that bring me more joy and treat me better than anyone ever has. So consider that something better may be waiting for you.

2. It’s Not Personal

Most rejection really isn’t even about us anyway. Some of us, myself included, have the tendency to take things people do to heart. But it’s important to remember that what other people do or say is not a reflection of our character. For example, if someone blows you off, it may not be that you aren’t a nice person, it may be that the person was focused on something else and it just wasn’t the right time to get together.

3. You Learn A Lesson

A  lot of times with rejection, we can view it as something bad. Say you got fired from a job. While you may be heartbroken at the time, maybe you needed to be let go t learn that you need to change your work ethic or that you need to find a career that better suits you. Take rejection as lesson and allow it to help you learn and grow.


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