3 Effortless Ways To Feel Better About You

Some of us are more emotional than others. We may get our feelings hurt easily, take things to heart and get easily discouraged. But no matter your nature, we can all train ourselves to think more positively, allowing us to feel better and react more proactively to life’s stressors. This can serve to aid our mental and physical health. Check out the following ways we can train ourselves to think differently.

1. If You Think You’re Hopeless

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If you’re feeling hopeless, know that the situation you’re in will pass. Hopelessness is a myth, a falsity that we trick our brains into believing. The next time you feel this way, remind yourself that you’re in a depressed state and it’s the depression that’s thinking for you, not the truth. Tell yourself that you’ll feel better tomorrow.

2. If You Feel Broke

Worrying about money can weigh you down. It can make you feel trapped in your life and make you feel physically heavy. When you feel this way, remind yourself that if you live in America, you are most definitely not broke. Also, you can change your dialogue from “I am broke,” to “I am a wealthy individual and will make my money situation work.” This way, you are no longer using self-defeating talk, but looking for solutions. Take action and be productive in saving money and doing what you can, instead of just ruminating on a negative circumstance. You can also try meditation, talking to others about it and prayer.

3. If You Feel Too Old

Saying you’re too old can work against you so that you no longer pursue your dreams. You may want to be a nurse, but you tell yourself you’re too old to go back to school. This is a bunch of malarkey; you’re never too old. Have you ever noticed that it seems as though America is obsessed with being young? But remind yourself that there are many benefits to getting older; you become more self-assured, more mature and can make better decisions.

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