3 Fresh Ways You Can Make Your Home Cleaner

Want to detoxify your home? A cleaner and less toxic home helps us to feel healthier, more peaceful and happier. The more natural you go, the greater sense of well-being you can acquire. Check out these great ways to make your home healthier, safer and even give it a productive feel.

1. Leave Your Shoes At The Door

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A great way to keep dirt out of the house is to leave your shoes at the door. You can invest in an inexpensive shoe rack to make the space for shoes look more appealing. If you have young children crawling around, you may especially benefit from keeping shoes by the door so that bacteria and dirt aren’t getting into your home and on the floor where your babies crawl.

2. Use Caution With Dry-Cleaned Clothes

After you pick up your dry cleaning it is advised to take the plastic bag off of your clothes and air your wardrobe out either in the hallway or garage. If you don’t do this, you risk the likelihood that it will mess with your senses; giving you blurry vision, making you dizzy and giving you headaches. This is because the chemicals used on the clothes can stick to the fibers on your clothes, which you to breathe it in. So just proceed with caution to keep healthy.

3. Cleaners

Ever noticed that a lot of the chemicals in your home cleaners are toxic? Most of us have definitely noticed this, but we continue to use them. This is not good, especially if little lungs are breathing them in. Well, you can did make your own healthy cleanser with nontoxic chemicals.  According to health.com, you can “mix a ½ teaspoon washing soda (found in grocery stores), 1 teaspoon natural liquid dish soap and 2 cups hot water in a spray bottle.” I also use water with lemon to clean my counters. It works great and is effective. Seventh Generation is an all natural brand that offers a variety of products that clean wonderfully and are healthy for children to be around.

If you want to make your own all-natural body scrub, check out this great recipe


Remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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