3 Important Organs Your Java Jives With


In the morning, you drink coffee. On your first break at work, it’s time for coffee. Lunch time rolls around, you get coffee. That inevitable “2:30 feeling,” it’s coffee. Dinner, coffee…coffee, Coffee, COFFEE!

While all that coffee can certainly be bad for you, did you know that just the right amount of the dark drink can actually be great for you?

According to Dave Asprey, author of The Bulletproof Diet, high-quality coffee has many wonderful benefits for your heart if you consume the highest-quality coffee beans (none of that instant coffee stuff).

Check out two of the greatest health benefits that drinking coffee can bring you below:

It Cleans Out Your Liver

Wait…coffee can detox you? Yup. Maybe it’s time to put down that mixture of lemon juice and cayenne pepper, because it would appear that there are now much more fun ways to clean yourself of out. And there’s research to back up this finding: coffee can both decrease abnormal liver enzyme levels, and reduce your risk for cirrhosis, a liver disease. Furthermore, gulping down at least two cups of coffee each day lowers your risk of death from cirrhosis by a monumental 66 percent, claims research found in Hepatology. Want an even more surprising fact: not tea, fruit juice, or soda consumption (not even negatively?) was found to affect cirrhosis mortality. 

It Protects Your Heart

Your heart loves the java: a meta-analysis revealed that people who drank between three and five cups of coffee each day had the smallest risk of cardiovascular diseases! 

It Reduces Inflammation– And Maybe Alzheimer’s Disease Risk, Too

Your brain wants some of that java juice, too! Coffee could help lower brain inflammation. That’s because caffeine seems to block the activity of a “signal that activates the brain-based inflammation” specifically linked to neurodegenerative diseases, offers Gregory Freund, MD, one of the study’s lead researchers. Brain inflammation reduction can help prevent “age-related cognitive decline” as well as many scary neurodegenerative diseases, perhaps lending a reason as to why coffee appears to offer properties that can protect people against the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

With this news of coffee’s awesome health benefits, I’ll admit I’m a bit put-off– not because I disagree with them or find them to be suspect, but because I’ve never enjoyed the taste of coffee! Considering it’s never been on my radar as an appealing drink and rarely spent time flowing down the back of my throat, coffee has certainly made a big impression on me today! While my taste buds are surely shrugging at this news, my roommates will no doubt throw a party over these findings. Everyone I live with is a coffee fanatic, and will certainly love rubbing this news in my face. 


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