3 Scary Things Sugar’s Doing To Your Body


Just how bad is sugar for you? When it’s consumed as often as us Americans consume it, it’s pretty…darn…bad. Check out three strange things that sugar does to your body’s health below, sourced from The Sugar Smart Diet:

1. Sugar fattens your organs

Did You Know? Fructose, which is in table sugar and is a variant of high-fructose corn syrup, forces your liver to compartmentalize more fat when consumed in added sugars. Worse yet, this fat shows up in odd spots; through continued consumption, a high-fructose diet could lead to bubbles of fat forming around your liver, which is a scary initiator to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease– which was rarely ever seen prior to the 1980s.

What To Do: Steer clear of drinks with added sugars– yes, even “healthy” smoothies from places like Jamba Juice. You’re best bet is to get fructose from natural sources such as fruit, because its fiber helps counter any potential sugar shock to your body. Besides, fruit has way less sugar than a smoothie filled with added sugars (many of which contain roughly 13.5 teaspoons worth of sugar!).

2. Sugar gives you diabetes

Did You Know? A recent PLoS One study concluded that for each additional 150 sugar calories available each day per person, diabetes frequency rose one-and-one-tenths percent.

What To Do: It’s not hard to suggest giving up sugar-stuffed drinks such as soda, but the reality of the matter is that they’re responsible for only one-third of your overall added sugar intake. Take it one step more, and start seriously focusing on food labels. Many of your hidden sugars are hidden under your roof in subtle areas like bread, ketchup, and beef jerky.

3. Sugar tears apart your heart

Did You Know? You might not be surprised about any sugar-curbing suggestions coming from the American Diabetes Association, especially considering sugar’s massive effect on type 2 diabetes.

But the reality is that diabetes and heart disease are related: both conditions are the primary causes of death in people suffering from type 2 diabetes, and account for a whopping 65 percent of such deaths!

What To Do: Don’t surpass the American Heart Association’s suggested sugar levels! They are 36 grams for men, 20 grams for women, and 12 grams for kids. For comparison’s sake, just one can of soda typically has as many as 12 grams of sugar, while one piece of whole wheat bread carries a sizable two teaspoons of added sweetness.

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