3 Silly Behaviors That Are Hindering Your Life

What are you doing that may be holding you back from living your life to the fullest? You may not even be aware of the things you’re doing that are sabotaging yourself. Check out the following unhealthy behaviors and what you can do to live optimally.


You Hold On To Past Hurts

I read a quote that went something like, “forgiveness is the answer to almost every problem.” And you know what? I whole heartedly believe it. It’s time to forgive others, forgive ourselves and forgive life as a whole for hurting us. When we do this, we can live in the moment, de-stress and it takes a weight off of our chest. If someone hurt you in the past, put yourself in their shoes and consider their thought-processes. What positive qualities do they possess and how can you think differently about this situation?

You Compare Yourself To Others

Do you compare yourself to others? Doing this can strip you of your joy. You’re always going to find someone prettier, smarter and more successful. So stop comparing yourself to others. In reality, you have no idea what kind of struggles those you are comparing yourself to are going through or what you have that they would kill for. Instead, try to compare yourself to the person you were yesterday. Are you growing, improving and making positive changes in your life? 

You Settle For Good Enough

If you’re content with your life but choose to stop growing, then you’re selling yourself short. It’s important to shoot for achieving your deepest desires and dreams. Want to be in a romantic relationship? Then first make sure that you are a healthy person that someone else would benefit from being with. Next, put yourself out there. Go on dating websites, out to bars and get together with friends. If what you want is a relationship, then actually take steps to make it happen.


Remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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