3 Simple Transition Tips To Get You In The Cold Shower


A warm bath sounds great right about now, doesn’t it? Then again…when doesn’t it sound great? But on the flip side, a cold shower is the worst– you’re freezing, frantically trying to change the nozzle to the “hot” position, teeth chattering as your mind does backflips from the dramatic temperature drop.

But what if I told you that taking a quick cold shower every now and again could improve your health? Because it can: it can restore your body’s proper balance and also serve as a mood-boosting, immune-improving stimulant.

Still, does that do enough to convince you to turn on the cold water after you’ve been enjoying total warm-water bliss? After all, jumping into the frigid abyss can be pretty scary, especially when you know how awesome warm-water perfection feels.

If you’d like to make the switch from exclusively-warm showers to occasional cold showers but just can’t bring yourself to do it yet, here are some helpful tips to get things going in the right direction:

1. After taking a warm shower, lean away from the water flow and switch the faucet to cold. Allow the cold water to splash along your feet for a couple seconds, and then put your hands into the water for a few additional seconds, too. Lastly, splash the cold water onto your face.

2. Once the cold water reaches your toes, try stepping a bit closer to the running water so it splashes on your legs. Do the same thing with your hands and your face; whenever you take a cold shower from then on, allow the water to reach higher up on your body, all the way up to your shoulders.

3. Breathe! Specifically, exhale: doing so when you step into cold water can help you handle it for longer because your body is relaxed when you exhale. On the flip side of things, when you breathe in, your body switches into an alarm state. When you deliberately suck in, you’re essentially letting your body know that everything will be OK and the cold water is your friend.

Personally, taking a cold shower does not sound appealing to me– I prefer my warm showers, always. But with these simple transition tips, maybe even I will get to a point where cold showers are a weekly part of my grooming routine! Or maybe not…


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