4 Fitness Mistakes You Are Probably Making


First of all, if you are making any sort of effort to improve or maintain your physical fitness, we applaud you. You are ahead of the curve already, and for that you should be proud. If you are in fact making any of the mistakes listed below, don’t sweat it. They are common, and seemingly accepted by even some “experts” as okay. But in an effort to keep you informed and on your A-game, we made a list of four of the most popular workout mistakes that we all make. Check them out!

Flying Solo

Working out alone is not necessarily a mistake, but it can be s hindrance to you stepping it up a notch. Studies show that when we work out with a partner, we up our intensity and our overall attitude is improved as well. So if you have been grinding out a long solo session every day, call up a friend or make nice with a fellow gym goer to amp up your routine.

Repeating the Same Moves

While it is definitely okay to repeat moves for awhile in an effort to tone up, your body will eventually adjust and condition itself to get used to them, which makes them ineffective. You might have noticed this when you started a new routine and were completely exhausted after, then found yourself barely breaking a sweat post-workout a few weeks later. So try changing your routine often. Your body will respond by strengthening all over, and your mentality will also improve since you aren’t stuck in an endless cycle of boredom.

Fueling Up With Sports Drinks

If you are a professional athlete who earns your money on account of your physical fitness, sports drinks might serve a purpose. But for most of us, all sports drinks do is add extra sugar and calories into the mix. Water will do the job for the majority of exercisers. If you need energy, snack on some almonds or fruit pre-workout for a little boost.

Not Enough Strength Training

If all you do is cardio, you are missing out. Strength training not only burns calories now, but it helps build muscle that burns more calories at all hours of the day. In addition, strength training will help you build a strong frame and avoid strain/back problems. It is also good for bone and joint health, as if you needed more reason to start!


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Story Credit: 7 Workout Habits You Should Drop Now by Jennifer Cohen

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