Are You Taking Your Health Seriously?

stressOften people end up in the chiropractor’s office when they are suffering from a problem. It could be back pain, but it could also be skin problems, headaches, eating issues – you name it. The real issue is that if they had really been paying attention, they may have seen warning signs from their body to let them know they were headed into troubled waters much earlier. So, how much attention are you paying to your health? Here are some things you should be aware of to know if you’re hearing your body and paying attention to your own health.

All Work No Play

Are you on high speed all day, every day? Are you busting your butt to get ahead at work until late at night or working on the weekends? Do you take vacations? If so, you need to learn to start taking time for yourself. If you can’t reel in your schedule at work right now, then try another strategy to be healthier in your work life. Try to get a flexible work station so that you can switch between standing and sitting all day – because you know sitting all day is bad for your health.

You can also make sure to regularly stretch in order to get your blood pumping and keep your muscles from locking up. Set your phone to remind you to drink a glass of water every hour in order to help you stay hydrated and to flush toxins out of your system.

Taking Care of Everyone Else

Some people have a tendency to take care of everyone around them to the best of their ability, but don’t do the same for themselves – this is a bad thing. You have to take time to nourish yourself for your own well-being. Take a break whenever you can and take some deep, cleansing breaths. You can do this while sitting at a traffic light. Or you can try doing a five minute yoga routine and then having a nice cup of green tea. Just be mindful in getting some time in for yourself and show yourself some of that love.


Do you think that sleep is overrated or have you ever uttered the phrase “I can sleep when I’m dead”? Well, you need to stop with that one! Sleep is vital to your well-being. Sufficient sleep has been proven to strengthen your immune system and decrease your risk of weight gain. Track your sleep and make sure you’re getting enough of it.

If you need more tips on how to take your health more seriously, talk to your chiropractor. They are a great resource for better, healthier living!

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