Is It Bad If My Body Pops And Cracks During An Adjustment?

Dr. Polk, The Joint Aurora at Gardens on Havana

The pops and cracks that are heard in an adjustment are the result of a gas release from pressure inside a restricted joint that is being adjusted. It is a side effect of having a dysfunctional joint adjusted by a chiropractor. Joints depend upon movement to remain healthy. Lacking a blood supply, they depend upon movement to change over fluids in the joint. It’s how they are nourished and how they take out the trash. When movement is restricted, over time a pressure accumulates in the joint. When we adjust that joint, that pressure is released in the form of a gas and it sounds like a pop. There is absolutely nothing to worry about concerning these pops. They are a sign of a positive change in your spine when they accompany an adjustment. However, it may be concerning when a joint repeatedly pops on it’s own with your usual movement. That can be a sign of joint dysfunction and/or subluxation.

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