Check Out Which Foods Are Healthier Purchased Frozen

Did you know that there are certain foods that you can purchase from the frozen foods section at the supermarket that are healthier than purchasing them fresh? Incredible! And talk about convenient. Check out the following frozen foods you should add to your shopping list.

1. Breads

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Do you believe that frozen bread can actually be a heck of a lot healthier than bread purchased off of the shelf? This is because when bread is frozen there is no need for additives and chemicals to preserve its freshness like you need to when it’s kept on a dry countertop. If you scan ingredients on the back of a frozen package of bread, you’ll likely see nothing but natural ingredients. You may see whole grain, yeast, and a touch of salt. This is incredibly better than the chemicals found in shelf bread.

2. Seafood

A great way to get in your lean protein for the day can be to purchase some seafood in the frozen section. For those of us who don’t cook, this is a wonderfully easy option. Check for the seafood that doesn’t have additives, except maybe a little salt. Try wild-caught salmon, cod, halibut and tuna. All you need to do is bake it, grill it or saute it when you get home.

3. Fruits And Veggies

Believe it or not- fruits and vegetables can be much healthier when purchased frozen. This is because fresh produce is often harvested which gets rid of a lot of the nutrients. While freezing produce preserves the nutrients and possibly increases the antioxidants and nutrients. 

4. Whole Grains

You can buy delicious and nutritious whole grained foods in the frozen section for convenience and health benefits. Try wild rice, barley and wheatberries. These normally only have one ingredient- whole grain. This is phenominal for your health because you’re not putting any processed and unhealthy foods into your body. So what you’re eating is actually good for you. These grains are fully cooked! You can just thaw them in your refrigerator.

Remember to consult your chiropractor or physician before taking any health advice. 

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