Energizing Secrets to Embrace Today


No matter who you are, you probably have moments in life when your energy levels get pretty low. This can make it tough for you to get things done, including work, exercise, and tasks at home. Not to mention, when you are lacking in energy, you are probably lacking in motivation as well. Here are some natural things that can kick your energy and enthusiasm back up to the max!

Pack In The Protein

Protein has an energizing effect on the body in the long haul. In other words, it helps you feel sustained and satisfied for longer periods of time than a snack of simple sugars or carbs would. So start things off right with breakfast. Eat some protein rich eggs, or some low fat dairy that also contains natural protein. And when that afternoon lull hits and you start to lose steam, squeeze in a protein filled snack like a handful of nuts or a half turkey sandwich.

Avoid The Snooze Button

As tempted as you might be, constantly hitting the snooze button will only leave you feeling groggy in the long run. When you hit snooze, your body does not have time to go back in to REM sleep, so your eyes might be shut and you might feel out of it, but when it comes to quality Zzzs, you are not getting them there. Instead, try getting to bed earlier if you constantly feel tired upon waking. And when that alarm goes off, hit the ground running. You will be glad you did.

Turn Up The Lights

Light triggers the body’s innate feelings of wakefulness simply because of biology. When it is light out, our bodies think it is time to be awake. So if you are feeling sluggish or struggling to get moving, open up the blinds, turn on the lights, and let your brain take it from there.

Drink Plenty of H20

If you aren’t drinking enough water, one of the first signs is lethargy and lack of energy. The easiest way to avoid getting dehydrated is to keep a refillable water bottle on hand throughout the day. That way, you will never be without fluids.

Don’t Eat Dinner Too Late

Eating a big meal too late in the evening makes it hard for you to get quality sleep, because your body does not have enough time to fully digest. As a result, you might toss and turn, and wake up with a sort of “food hangover” in the morning. Avoid this by eating dinner at least 3 hours before bed time, and don’t have a heavy snack after.


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Story Credit: 8 Natural Ways to Feel More Energized by Kenny Thapoung

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