Enjoy Life : Don’t Let Critics Get You Down

diveHave you ever had a light bulb moment? You know, a moment when you have an idea and think “Bazinga!”? You’re just so excited about it, and then you run to someone else to share your idea with and they are less than impressed. That can be a real mood killer! But, people are always going to be critical of you, your ideas and your lifestyle. Here’s how to deal with critics and move on with your day!

Thank You!

It’s a natural reaction to want to defend ourselves, but there are some people who will simply never be convinced. Maybe the reason that you feel the need to jump to your own defense is because the criticism you’re getting may just be a mirror of the fears you’re having. You should let someone’s doubts be your platform for support and exploration. So, instead of being offended or going on the defensive, simply say “Thank you for your feedback” and really think about what they said.

Embrace Your Craziness

Say you decide that you want to quit your job and travel around Europe for a year. After all, you’re young and single and now’s the time to live out your crazy dreams. Inevitably, however, when you share this idea with a friend or colleague they are going to say that you’re crazy. This is your cue to embrace the crazy. You can say “You’re right, I am nuts. But, my craziness has led me to experience XYZ in my life and I think that’s awesome!”

The people in your life that don’t like to take risks serve as reminders that there’s nothing wrong with dreaming big and actually taking risks. You have to live your life to the fullest! It is, however, good to be reminded of caution whether you take their advice or not.

The Possibilities

When you share your dreams with someone, it’s natural for some people to only look at the bad that could come of your decision. Say you want to go skydiving and all your friend can say is “What if your parachute doesn’t open and you plunge to your death?” Well, this is where you can say that you might get hurt, but you also may have a life-changing experience, because really both are a fantasy about something that hasn’t even happened yet. You can’t live your life by “what ifs”, you have to just go out and do it!



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