Once I Get an Adjustment, Will I Always Need to be Adjusted?

Dr. Polk, The Joint Aurora at Gardens on Havana

Chiropractic is a lifestyle choice. This question is like asking, “If I eat broccoli once, will I have to keep eating broccoli?” The question is based on a false premise. You are always free to make a decision to take care of yourself or not to. Chiropractic is used to relieve stress and interference on the nervous and musculoskeletal systems that accompanies life. The patient always has the choice to live with or without an optimally functioning nervous system. Most of our patients find that when they stay adjusted, not only are they pain-free, but their whole bodies function better. One of the most common reports we get from new patients is that suddenly they are sleeping better than they have in years. The brain controls the body via the spine. When a spinal subluxation is present, it interferes with the brain’s ability to direct the organs and tissues of the body and with the body’s ability to report back to the brain about what is going on. The adjustment is designed to remove this interference. Our model is specifically designed to give the patient the option to make the healthy choice to live without this interference because we have removed the primary barriers to care: inconvenience and monetary expense. Thus, patients are advised to make this healthy choice on a regular and consistent basis.

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