Healthy Foods that aren’t so Healthy

ChipsThere are so many choices at the local supermarket. Many items present themselves as “healthy” or at least healthier alternatives to classic junk foods, but are they really? Let’s take a look at some common unhealthy foods that package themselves as healthy replacements and talk about real options that are better fuel for that body.

Vitamin Water

It’s water, so it’s got to be good for you, right? Wrong! It’s not just vitamins and water, it’s also flavorings, sugar and a load of calories that would you’d be far better off getting from a meal than a bottle of water. A great alternative to this is actual water; if you want to give your water a flavor boost then you can add lemon, lime or orange wedges or even cucumbers. Save the electrolyte-enhanced water for workouts that are longer than 90 minutes.

Spinach Wraps

Green equals good for you most of the time, but not when it comes to these wraps. There’s actually very little spinach in these tortillas and you’re way better off actually adding spinach to your wrap. Another negative to these tortillas is that the flour they are made of usually isn’t whole grain. Make sure if you want a wrap that you go for a whole grain one and throw in some of the fresh green stuff to give it an extra nutritional kick.

Baked Chips and Veggie Chips

Oh, where to begin with these! They seem like they’d be a smarter selection than regular potato chips, but in actuality they are usually equal to regular chips in both calories and fat. Not to mention, veggie chips are really just potato chips with some veggie powder thrown in for color and offer no more nutritional value. If you’re craving something salty and crunchy, try some plain, salted popcorn or crunchy veggies. Both those choices have fewer calories and will fill you up for longer.


Yes, pretzels must go on the list. This is because although they are a better choice than a deep fried potato chip, pretzels are about the same calorie-wise. True, they are often advertised as fat-free, but they are also free of any other vitamins, minerals, fiber or protein, so they won’t fill you up. A better alternative would be crackers made with whole grains and seeds, like sunflower or sesame seeds. They’ll give you the crunch you might be craving as well as deliver a good dose of fiber to fill you up.

These days, you have to be a savvy shopper in order to decipher the good from the bad when it comes to food. Just make sure you do your research and know what to include in a healthy and balanced diet, then take it from there. You’ll be a smart shopper in no time!


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