Healthy Ways To Address Your Child’s Weight

Some parents are obsessed with their child’s weight.  They may want them to lose weight because they believe their child is unhealthy, or because they want their kid to look more attractive.  The way parents go about handling these issues can make or break the self-esteem of their children.  Read on for some tips that can help ensure  that your child feels good about his or herself and is healthy.



Did you ever think that your constant obsession with your child’s weight could be a reflection of your own insecurities?  I see this all of the time.  I used to have a friend whose mother would get on her to lose “belly fat” when my friend really didn’t need to.  Her mother was super self-conscious of herself and always complained about her own belly.  This projection was causing her daughter insecurities of her own.  To combat this, It can be wise for a parent to speak with a therapist, journal, or talk to friends about their body issues.  

Don’t Criticize

If you’re judgemental of your child, they are never going to react in a healthy manner towards you.  This only serves to create binge eating and hurt the relationship between you two.  Instead, offer a loving ear.  If you want your child to lose weight for appearance reasons, rethink this mentality and try to focus on your child’s health.  If it’s health you’re concerned about, buy nutritious foods and sign your child up for a sport of some kind or walk with them daily after work.

Be Aware Of The Repercussions

By focusing your child on being thin, you could be teaching them to pick up unhealthy habits, such as over-exercising, starving themselves, or binging.  This can also make them incredibly insecure and have them thinking that they’re not good enough.  Is this really how you want your child to feel?  Parents also need to be mindful of how they treat their own bodies and know that your kids are modeling their same behaviors.

Focus On More Than Outward Appearance

It is not a good thing for parents to preach that outward appearance is the most important facet of a person.  Parents need to teach their children to value their personalities, their talents, their kindness and empathy.  When the focus is taken off of appearance, children can feel better all around and have a better sense of self.

Remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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