Healthy Ways To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions

LaughIt’s funny how most years I make New Year’s Resolutions, but halfway through February I forget about them.  I make resolutions like “live in the moment,” and “let go of the past.”  They tend to be the same resolutions every year, which is so odd to me.  Why can’t I stick to my New Year’s resolutions?  Well it makes me feel a little better that other people out there are having the same problem as me, but the reason for this may surprise you.  Realizing where our resolutions are coming from can lead to self-awareness, and if we choose to make our resolutitions into a reality, it can lead to happy and healthy lives for us.

Where Is My Resolution Coming From?

Have you ever considered that maybe your resolutions aren’t your own?  They may be what you hear you should want from the mass media, from your friends, or from what you think your family wants for you. Some of us are women in our 20s and 30s, so we may think we want a significant other.  But is this what we really want?  You have to look into yourself and think about what really matters to you and what’s worth fighting for.

What Do I Do Now?

Say you realize that you do want to have the love of a significant other.  You need to have a concrete and meaningful reason for this or you simply won’t go out and do the work that’s necessary to find a potential mate.  If the reason you want love is because you’re lonely, that’s not meaningful enough, so you’re not likely to take action.  But if it’s because you want to share your love with someone else, have a family, and make a life with someone, you’re more likely to make that aspiration into reality.

Be Constructive

Let’s try a new tactic: how about instead of using each New Year to make mindless resolutions, we use the time to look into ourselves, as well as look back on the previous year and congratulate ourselves for all our accomplishments.  We may come out feeling more fulfilled, mindful and able to make our dreams into a reality- which is the best way to ensure good health and happiness.


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