How to Deal With Annoying Peoople

annoyYou know you’ve been there, at your morning meeting at work or at a family get together and trapped talking to someone who you consider to be one of the most annoying people on the planet. There’s no shame in that, after all there’s bound to be someone in the world who’s company you don’t actually desire, right? There are lots of ways that people can be annoying, and dealing with them is a fact of life. So, what can you do to make annoying people less annoying?

Turn Off the Inner Critic

If you find yourself thinking about the frustrating run ins you’ve had with people who annoy you then you’re probably making yourself even more annoyed by them. Remember that your thoughts are, in a way, actions and that you have total control over your own actions. That’s an important lesson to learn in life – you may not be able to control other people but you can control yourself! So, turn off that inner critic and try not to give the people that annoy you more thought than you have to.

Are They Scapegoats?

Sometimes, it’s fun to hate on people. Hey, you’re human! But, if you find that when you have encounters with these annoying people that you’re turning into fodder for the gossip mill then it’s time to re-evaluate. Sure, the story may be entertaining, but it’s not really worth perpetuating your frustration.

Talk Out Your Frustration

There’s only one fair thing to do if your frustration with an annoying person has reached its limit – and that’s to talk to them about it. If your roommate is eating all of your food or if you’re coworker is constantly burning microwave popcorn in the break room then the only fair thing to do is tell them. You can’t expect people to change if they’re not given the opportunity to. And, this doesn’t have to be mean, either. You can absolutely come up with a way to say it that isn’t attacking or blaming, but merely a way of expressing what makes you frustrated and annoyed. Just remember that all you can do is be fair, but you absolutely cannot control another person and whether or not they’re willing to change.

Change Your Own Behavior

Maybe the only sane thing to do when it comes to annoying people is to simply stop giving your annoyance with them any of your energy. Give yourself a moment to be annoyed and then…let it go.

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