How to Enjoy the End of Summer Healthily


The end of summer is quickly approaching, and that means we need to fit in all the fun activtites before fall hits us.  Summer is a time to enjoy yourself, take a family vacation, watch the sunset on the porch, or take part in some leisure time. And it is possible to do all of this while still keeping your health and wellness goals in mind. In fact, summer is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the simple things without going off track.

Have a BBQ

Summer and barbecues go hand in hand, and they can give you an opportunity to engage in social relationships and build community with neighbors and friends. This is one of the most satisfying parts of life, and one of the most important for mental wellness. We are hard wired to want interaction with others, so what better way to do it than over some healthy grilled grub?  Throw some vegetable kabobs on the grill, and enjoy a healthy barbecued meal.

Picnic in the Park

Enjoying a picnic in the park is a fun way to get out and be active while still enjoying your leisure. Stock op on summer fruits and veggies to nibble on, and bring a Frisbee or a football to throw around with friends/family.

Have a Cool Treat

Hot temperatures call for cool treats, and there are plenty of summer options that are both good and bad for you. Simply freezing fruits like grapes or strawberries makes for yummy snacks, or you can opt for homemade frozen yogurt if that is more your style. You might not realize that you are filling your body with nutrient and vitamin rich foods because you will enjoy them so much during a hot afternoon.

Enjoy the Water

There are so many outdoor activities you can do during summer if you throw in that magical piece of the puzzle: water. First of all, drink plenty of it so you will stay hydrated. Then enjoy yourself with a water balloon throw down, a race in the pool, or a sprinkler dance off with the kids. Making physical activities fun helps you get exercise without even knowing it.


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Story Credit: 5 Simple Swaps to Make Your Summer a Little Bit Healthier By Fit Sugar.

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