How to Exercise Your Resiliency in Weight Loss

heartGood health through weight loss is a journey as well as a destination. It can be difficult, when you’ve made a commitment to a healthier you, to not get bogged down in the everyday struggles. This struggle, however, will be ongoing – so you have to find ways to stay motivated even when you’re not getting the results you want. Here are some strategies to help you with the ups and down of weight loss in order to help you flex the muscle of resiliency!

What is Resiliency?

Humans possess this incredible capacity to endure trauma, shock, injury and damage and somehow work their way back into a normal life. But the idea of resiliency can be applied to everyday struggles like weight loss too. If you have a resilient mindset then you will be able to get through the minor setbacks and disappointments much better.

When you think about permanent weight loss, there’s no way you can meet your goals without a resilient mindset. This is because in order to lose weight for good you have to constantly reassess and readjust your goals. You need to change not only in body size, but mental toughness too.

The Keys to Resiliency

In order to be resilient you have to learn and practice a few strategies. They are:

  • Face difficult situations head on. Be prepared for challenging situations to crop up and then adjust. In other words, always have a Plan B.
  • Believe in yourself. That means you need to recognize your strengths and recognize when you’ve overcome adversity or tough situations in the past. Apply this to your weight loss journey to help inspire you to keep going.
  • Stop the stinkin’ thinkin’. Setbacks are a temporary thing, they won’t last forever. It can be easy to get bogged down in negative self-talk, but you need to remind yourself of all the things you’ve done up to this point – even the little things – that have gotten you to where you are now.
  • Try to silence your inner critic. Easier said than done, but everyone makes mistakes on their journey. If you over-ate at a party, tomorrow is a new day!
  • Learn from mistakes. They are inevitable, so take something valuable from them and don’t beat yourself up.
  • Find support. Even just having one supportive friend on your journey can make all the difference in the world.

The key to making changes that will last is to practice resiliency. How can you apply these techniques to your life?

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