How to Get Your Children Outside to Stay Active

gardenIt’s very important to keep your children active and instill in them the importance of exercise instead of just letting them play video games or watch TV all day. One of the first things you need to do in order to encourage exercise for your child is to create a backyard that is not only fun but also safe for the kids. Here is how you can create an enjoyable space for your children that will encourage activity and keep them safe at the same time.

What Safety Means

Kids need explanations for things – many times. One of the first things you should do in order to make your kids safe is to help them to understand what safety means.  Create rules and give them boundaries in the yard. This way, they can be free to do what they want in the area that you have defined for them.

There’s no way you can remove all risks from the outdoors but you can help your children have respect for things outside that can hurt them, such as animals, and to practice caution. You can help by making sure all the tools are put away and teach them a little about plants in the yard so they know what they may want to stay away from — though removing plants that can be harmful is a great idea.


You don’t need sandboxes or swing sets in order for you kids to enjoy playing outside. You may want to consider setting aside a part of your yard that your kids can make their own and then let their imagination run wild! Let them dig, make a path, build things out of stone and sticks and whatever else they want to. This way they’ll have a place in the yard that is theirs and it will encourage them to want to spend time there.

Animal Friendly

Kids are naturally very curious and because of that, they will be happy to spend hours outside looking for animals such as worms, toads, butterflies, bees, and birds. So, make your garden a place that attracts animals. Plant flowers and bushes that animals can hide in, hang some bird feeders (who doesn’t love hummingbirds?) and maybe even create a compost pile that will attract worms for your kids to enjoy.

Involve Your Child

When you plant new things, let your child help you. This way you will encourage their green thumb and interest them in the process of gardening. You can even create special gardens just for kids such as vegetable gardens, color gardens or herb gardens. Strawberry patches are always a big hit, too.

As long as you adjust your expectations and expect a little destruction, you will be giving your child a priceless gift by helping them to appreciate being outside as well as giving them an interest in the outdoors. That will serve them well their whole lives and encourage a healthier lifestyle, too.

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