How to Get Your Kids to Drink More Water

kidIt can be hard to get kids to do what you want, as every parent is well aware. Getting your kids to drink more water is important, but it’s also easier said than done. With so many other options, water is usually the last thing a kid wants, so how can you get them to choose water over other, more appealing, beverages? Here’s how!

Be Bold

Parenting often comes down to a battle of the wills, and kids are usually pretty stubborn in getting what they want. The key to getting your child to drink more water is to simply give them no other options. Sure, they might opt for milk with breakfast or dinner, but aside from that the only thing you should offer is water.

Healthy Habits

Kids learn by watching their parents, so it makes sense that if they see you drinking water then they will model the behavior. If it’s your family’s habit to drink water then it will become your child’s habit too. Start your children on water when they’re young and be consistent – you might be surprised at how little of a fight they put up about it.

If you have older children and they aren’t in the habit of drinking water or are trying to sass you about drinking more of it, try some of these tricks to get them to hydrate with a little water:

  • Make it something special. Get some fun glasses or bendy straws to make the act of drinking itself more fun and appealing.
  • Make sure it’s portable. A water bottle will be your best weapon in the hydration conflict. Have your child choose a water bottle they really like and let them fill the bottle up on their own. Make sure it’s a bottle they’re willing to tote around so that they can always have water when they need it.
  • Don’t be above spiking it. No, not with liquor but with flavor. Especially if your child has been used to drinking other drinks like juice or sports drinks, water may be too plain. You can fix this by throwing in some frozen fruit, like raspberries, or lemons. That will add some flavor that will, hopefully, entice them to drink.
  • Ice, ice, baby. Kids love ice – you know they do. Very cold ice water just might encourage them to drink up.


You are responsible for educating your children about things in life, and there’s nothing wrong with sitting them down and explaining why water is so important in the first place. Tell them why hydration is important and how sugary drinks impact their bodies. Make them proud to be a water warrior!

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