How to Get Your Kids to Eat Their Veggies

broccoliIt’s one of the biggest problems parents have these days: getting their kids to eat healthy. Is there a way you can present healthy meals that will make them appealing to kids? The answer to that is yes!

There are steps you can take to make veggies more appealing and interesting to your micro machines! Here are a few tips on how to incorporate more veggies into your family’s life!

Make Them Fun

First of all, take what is familiar to them and give it a bit of a makeover. Setting the veggie stage with some silly veggie faces on tortillas or ants on a celery log. Try to think of interesting ways to incorporate veggies into your child’s life.

Be a Good Example

If you want them to eat their veggies, then you have to heat yours! The best way to get a child to try something is if they see you doing it. If you don’t eat healthy then chances are you child or children won’t either!

Get Creative

Kids are all about imagination! If you set a big plate of broccoli down in front of them then you probably won’t get a good response. However, if you set down a plate of mini trees in front of a dinosaur that has to eat five to outrun a t-rex, now you’re talking! Make the food fun for them to eat and chances are you will be successful! Also, cauliflower crust pizza is almost identical to regular pizza, just a tip!

Involve Your Child

Kids love to help out and sometimes that can seem like a daunting task when all you want to do is get dinner on the table after a long day, but what it’s worth it. Take the time to let your child help in the prep of the meal and they will be more invested in its making and its eventual eating too!

Try It!

There’s nothing wrong with making your child try a bite. If it’s a rule at your dinner table then all the better! Many times a child will reject a food but the research shows that if they are continually exposed to it then they will probably eventually like it. So, the “one bite rule” is definitely worth a shot!

Never Force a Finish

The truth is that this is a bad habit to instill in a child. Forcing a child to finish everything on their plate is not only the groundwork for a negative experience with food, but a bad habit that could last their whole lives. They need to associate food with good feelings and learn that when they’re full it’s ok to stop eating. Don’t force it!

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