How to Have A Happy Relationship

CoupleRelationships can be tricky with your spouse or partner.  After all, a lifetime is a long time to share with someone. Over time things are bound to change.  Every relationship goes through peaks and valleys, but there are actually traits that happy couples display that lead to healthier and happier relationships.


According to research, happy couples have 5 positive interactions for every negative one.  Nothing is all puppy dogs and rainbows all the time, but making an effort to have positive interactions with your partner will lead to a happier relationship.  In fact, couples who divorce or split up were found to have less than one positive encounter for every negative one. 

Be a Good Friend

Research has also shown that one of the biggest factors in whether or not couples feel satisfied with various aspects of their relationship is the quality of the friendship that those couples have.  Sharing, talking, leaning on your partner and laughing with them – heck, liking who your partner is – will go a long way at creating a happy relationship. In fact, couples in successful partnerships or marriages have been found to spend 5 more hours a week being together and talking than their unhappy counterparts.


So, how can you cultivate positive interactions in your relationship every day?  It’s really not too difficult.  Try giving a compliment, show your appreciation for something big or small, reminisce about a fun memory with them or even just do something nice that you know they’ll appreciate.

It’s also important to make more time for intimacy, whatever that means to you.  Feeling connected on a physical level with your partner is important and the most successful relationships have been found to have a very active physical component.


Ask yourself this: when your partner has good news, how do you respond?  Studies have shown that people who showed enthusiasm through asking questions, congratulating their partner and letting their partner recount their triumph and share with them were happier.  It helps your partner to know that they are important to you and that their triumphs and happiness are shared.

Also, couples who share new experiences together tend to feel more loving and supportive towards one another and therefore more satisfied with their relationships.  So, try that new restaurant in town, explore a place you’ve never been, take a drive without a destination in mind, go to a concert or cook together!   New experiences don’t have to be big; they just have to be something you do together.

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